Terms and Conditions for all prize winning competitions/contests (further on as “contest” only) at www.tnp.cz


All contests are organized by Laminex, Ltd., České Vrbné 2397, 370 11, České Budějovice, TIN: 46679766, VAT Identification Number: CZ46679766.

2/ Participation in the contests

Any natural person who has reached 18 years of age may participate in the contest. Every person intending to take part in the contest may participate only once in each of them. Management and employees are not allowed to take part in these events. Purchasing of goods or services is not a condition for participating.

Participation in the competition is established by sending a photo / video / picture * along with the mailing address of the participant to the e-mail tnp@tnp.cz. In accordance with the specific task of each competition, the participant may be asked to provide some additional information.

By participating in the competition, contestants give consent for promotional emails. You may unsubscribe from these at any time in the future. No other information about competitors (e.g. postal address) are kept for further use.

3/Contest announcing and deadlines

All contests are announced in the “News” section of our webpage. The length for each contest is also specified.

4/ Prizes

All prizes are announced prior to every contest. All prizes are announced prior to every contest. Enforcing participation or claiming prize in the contest by judicial process is not possible. Exchanging prizes for money or other prizes is also not acceptable.

Prizes will be distributed by mail or any other any other form of shipment at the expense of the organizer. The organizer is not responsible for undelivered, damaged or lost parcels with prizes.

The winners are chosen by a jury consisting of staff and employees of the organizing company. Only answers that meet all the requirements may enter the contest (i.e. correct postal address of the contestant, etc.).

5/ Deadlines

The winners of each competition will be announced within 10 days from the end of the contest, the winners will be informed of their win by e-mail and their names will be listed on our website. All prizes are distributed within three weeks of the announcement of the winners.

6/ Other

By sending original works for the contest (verbal formulations, photographs, drawings, videos, etc.) the participant gives consent to the organizer for their use in on-line and off-line marketing communication for promotion of the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the contest or modify its terms and conditions throughout its duration and without giving any reasons and/or compensation. Such a decision is effective from the date of publication on the website http://www.tnp.cz.

* depending on the nature of the contest