We´re celebrating our 25th anniversary – There are loads of kayaking prizes in our prize winning games and contests!

We can´t believe how fast time passes by… This year it will be 25 years since we first started producing paddles in our company. In the course of this year there are many events and celebrations ahead of us and we will be extremely pleased if also YOU, paddlers from all over the World, take part in them! We are very proud to say that our paddles curl water surfaces in more than 30 countries and that they hopefully bring joy and a lot of great experiences!

And what are we planning? Besides the scheduled events, such as this fall´s PaddleExpo, we were also thinking that a gift will do no harm. But not the ones that we get, but those we give away! So for this year we have a few games and contests ready for paddlers form all over the World, in which we will give away a lot of prizes – such as paddles (…who would expect that, right?) :o) and more than a hundred of brand new TNP t-shirts or very handy roof straps for kayak.

So, what will be these contests about? We are very curious about your kayaking experiences, so it will be a lot about photos, videos, but also about your kid´s drawings from paddling adventures. We will also guess numbers or create slogans.

The first contest is coming up soon and if you don´t want to miss it, follow us on social networks – Instagram or Facebook. But if you really don´t want to miss a thing, leave your e-mail address here >>> and we will keep you updated on each and single one of them.