The best kids paddling drawings contest has its winners!

Our second contest this year (for more info see here) was designed for our small paddlers. We were very curious about their drawings from their paddling experiences, and we got some really nice creations! We were really pleased by them and, of course, we are giving out prizes for the best ones. Below are the names of the winners without any particular order:


Kids paddles go to: Water Boy Scouts group in Vysoké Mýto – CZ (Filip Dvořák, Jindra Meduna, Šimon Hynek), Kristýna Hosnedlová, Sam & Zak House

Kids t-shirt TNP with our new design goes to: Lukáš Daněk, Petra Peřinová, Kačka Peřinová, Deven, Gwen Hemkemeier, Soňa Šavelová, Majda Peterková, Vendulka Dušátková, Anička Dušátková, Majlen Coenegracht

Mounting strap for kayak goes to: Jan Králík, Klárka Dittrichová, Anna Šavelová, Dan Vychodil, Jiří Uhlíř, Anička Kahounová, Teo Cenanovic, Timea Cenanovic, Jan Perina, Alžběta Škardová, Jan Škarda, Antonín Voldřich, Mila Malaric, Matej Kovacevic, Luka Habunek, Lana Biskup, Ivan Hajsok, Veronika Daňková, Klárka Chmielová, Adam Meindl


Thank you all for your participation in the contest and we will contact the winners by e-mail in the following days to get details about sending the prizes. Do not forget to watch our news on the web and on our social networks, next giveaway/contest with a number of prizes was just announced! And there is also a gallery of selected kids drawings coming soon on our Facebook and Instagram profiles!