The giveaway contest for the best paddling videos is over, congratulations to all winners!

For over two months you had the opportunity to send us short videos from your experiences on the water  and we are very pleased with all of your  contributions from both Czech and other destinations.

Still  we have to admit that there were not as many as we expected and that´s why we decided to reward all videos, even if they didn´t fully meet the requirements of the contest – especially with their length. And, finally, the winner chosen by our jury is Martin Hosnedl, who can be looking forward to TNP White Water paddle Rapa Carbon.

TNP T-Shirts go to the following contestants: Jan Šramar, Merkul Merkulov, Josef Medvecky, Tomáš Velecký, Katarína Kuriaková and Filip Hosnedl.

You can also find one of the entered videos below, the others will be presented soon on our Facebook profile.

And, just as a reminder, the current contest is on and it is definitely not the last one this year! If you don´t want to miss the autumn  contest, leave us your e-mail and we will let you know in time!