We already know the winners of the best summer paddling photo contest! Were you lucky?

Last weekend, our current giveaway for the best paddling photographs announced at the beginning of the summer holidays came to an end. We were delighted that we received dozens of photos not only from the Czech Republic. We spent a few days browsing through the pictures and it was definitely not an easy job to choose the winners! Some photos were true works of art, other have really made us laugh …

All prizes we have selected for the contest already have their owners:

The Rapa Carbon white water paddle goes to: Petra Patakiová

The Wolferine Carbon touring paddle goes to: Josef  Rebroš

The TNP prize packages (T-shirt + kayak mounting strap) go to: Standa Pisačka, Luděk Demel, Ondřej Štěrba, Jakub Cejpek, Lukáš Vaněček, Lenka Hendrychová, Geoff House, Cipís Kopřiva, Hosnedl Martin, Podorvanov Vladimir, Lucie Rut Bittnerová, Peter Pataki, Ivica Ranogajec, Petr Kubu and Hal Berkers

Congratulations to all the winners; we will email the winners in the days to come to specify details about sending the prizes. The best pictures are displayed below; you can look forward to seeing further winning photographs at our Facebook and Instagram accounts over time. Thank you very much for having participated in the contest!

We have the last contest waiting for you before this year ends to celebrate 25 years of the TNP brand on the market. Soon, you will learn the prizes and the structure of the contest! If you do not want to miss the contest, leave us your e-mail address and we will let you know in time.


Photo: Petra Patakiová
Photo: Petra Patakiová
Photo: Petra Patakiová
Photo: Jan Rebroš