The last giveaway contest of the year with paddling prizes is over. Are you among the lucky winners?

Our fifth anniversary giveaway contest is over, this time you had to guess how many paddles we´ve sold between Jan 1st 1992 and Dec 31st 2016. Guessing was not easy at all and we are so happy we´ve received so many answers from all around the world. That is also why we´ve decided to add some mode prizes to this giveaway – including T-shirts and kayak mounting straps…

The exact and accurate number of paddles sold between 1992 and 2016, based on a detailed sum of invoices and orders, is 925 625.

So who has send us the best guess and who the lucky winners are?

Rapa Carbon and Wolferine Carbon paddles go to: Stanimir Stanimirov, Ondra Müller

TNP T-shirts go to: Harald Hossfeld, Monika Kronthale, Johan Heffermehl, Pavel Sobíšek, Pavel Lichtág, Martin Rada, Roman Sikyta, Standa Písačka, Ed Hofmeister, Pelle Aslak Boye, Carola Hillmann

Handy kayak mounting straps go to: Aleš Pátek, Anne Stevens, Vladimir, Kim Darfelt, Michal Šváb, Constance Turbing, Ali Bahceci, Bety Škardová, David Stolín, Kristian Nielsen, Robert van Wijk, Joy Dubin, Klaus Mumm, Thomas Kettler, Rimas Valčiukas, Tomáš Závora, Adrian Durrant, Christine Buser, Dieter Singer, Karolis Valčiukas, Petr Snížek, Michal Buchtel, Ewa Mrozek, Aver Mathias, Natálie Hilgertová, Jan Dědič, Jan Šilhavý, Martin Balling, Eric Bao, Vítek Bardon, Kasper Damsa, Louis-Philippe, Christian Lehner, Josef Rebroš, Julia Schröder, Laura Rösenberg, Guideo Stadermann

We will email the winners in the days to come to specify details about sending the prizes.

Thanks again to all the giveaway contest participants for becoming a part of our 25th anniversary celebration! This year was (and still is) very special to us and we hope to enjoy another – at least – 25 years on the water! :)