New contest for those with great ideas! Create a new design for our TNP t-shirts!

This contest is over, big thanks go to everyone who joined us! Thanks for all the lovely ideas and designs, the winner od this giveaway contest is Kuba Staněk.

Stay tuned for the final version of one of his entries turned into a T-shirt design! 😊


Like almost every year we have put our heads together to create a new design for our company t-shirts… There are loads of ideas yet it´s not easy to pick one. 😊 Well, in the end, it´s you who win these t-shirts in competitions or contests and it will be you who will wear them, so we wonder about your ideas! 😊

So, what´s this about? Send us your design (a picture, sketch or a picture together with a slogan) you would like to have on your TNP t-shirts. The only limiting thing is that our t-shirts will also bear the TNP logo.

The creator of the winning idea will be rewarded with a very special prize, either the TNP Aker (our new hot white water paddle) or the TNP Nekton G paddle, fibreglass version of our well-proven touring paddle, which will hit the market this autumn, so the winner will be the owner of one of the very first paddles of this kind. And, of course, you will also receive a t-shirt with the winning design.


How to enter the contest? Send us your design as an image (scanned sketch or a photo will be also admitted) to by June 30, 2019. Every participant may send more than one idea. The winner will be contacted within 10 days after the deadline by e-mail and will be able to choose a paddle (Aker or Nekton G with fibreglass shaft) with length and feathering angle according to their own wishes.

We are looking forward to your ideas! 😊

For complete rules see here…

(Photo: Robert Eggleston)