Paddle Production In Coronavirus Pandemic – Show Must Go On!

The entire world is facing a great challenge. We witness on a daily basis what influence the current situation has on our business partners and clients all over the world. Our message to you is: HOLD ON, WE´LL MANAGE!



Even though the Czech Republic has declared a state of emergency, our production is still running albeit on a very limited scale with a strong emphasis on high hygiene standards. And we are truly  looking forward to the upcoming season!


We have a favour to ask of all paddlers, though: If you´re considering buying new equipment for this season, do so now and support your local distributor or dealer.  A number of them have their e-shops and couriers and postal services operate without restrictions. It is vital for them (and us as well) that you make your orders now!


Even though these are strange times, let us not forget that the rivers won´t stop flowing and the sea will also stay salty. :o)